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Brian Kincade


Something new and very old is happening with Brian’s unusual type of beautiful glass art. Instead of stained glass windows and sun catchers he creates mosaics of glass that capture all the depth and shadowing of fine paintings. Glass mosaics are an ancient art form that was revised in the 19th century. Brian has studied the old traditions and uses new techniques to create his works to be hung as paintings.


Brian designs the mosaic as a painting  and then selects each piece of glass to match the unique location for shading, color and brilliance, followed by precisely grinding the glass edges to perfect specifications for fineline grouting. Hundreds of mosaic pieces are glued to a clear glass base plate to form the image then grouted, mounted and framed. The result is a beautiful painting in opaque glass. In many of Brian’s works he incorporates kiln fired glass designs to add depth to his creations.


As a self-taught Glass artists, Brian holds degrees in Engineering and Photography. He started creating Glass Art in 1979 from his  Southern California studio which catered to specialty glass creations for private residents, commercial establishments and churches. Following retirement in 1991 as a senior Project Manager with  world renowned Architect & Engineering Corp, he moved to the Sierra foothills and established his studio in the Oakhurst area just southwest of Yosemite National Park.


Brian’s work can be seen on display in California at the Guild of Mountain Artists; Timberline Gallery; Madera County Art Council’s Gallery and Bass Lake Art Gallery. In Washington at Bison gallery at Friday Harbor.

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