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Julie Mitchell


Of all the possible medium, dolls bring together my love for drama, story telling and ritual. Contemporary doll making is exciting for me because I am working with so many materials, creating constant challenge in every piece I created. my figures are goddesses, angels, shamans, fairies... Strong, soft, magical and mystical.


I use papier machcé. wood, clay, hand painted and dyed fabric, paper, wire, feathers beads, leather , bark and all manner of found objects in their construction. I work with color, texture, shape and emotion; then the viewers decide what the piece means to them.


I gather pieces, old and new. I mold and form the body, attaching parts, sculpting and painting the face. Chose the hair, dress them in hand painted fabrics and either create or have a treasure hunt for the perfect embellishments..At some point during the process the spirit of the piece emerges and takes over... that's the JOY. More joy comes when someone see a piece and there is recognition. Each piece has a soul and different pieces speak to different people.


I love the challenge of bringing something to life that comes from my imagination.

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