Co-Op Fine Art Gallery serving the Mountain Area since 1985.

Member's Financial Responsibilities

Full membership artists pay $40 a month, first months rent due upon joining.

One time only non-refundable facilities fee of $100 due upon joining.

Total due upon joining is $140.

Artists will be paid the following month for sales of the previous month.

Occasionally a separate assessment during the year becomes necessary.

Members must have an active California Sales Permit Number.



Timberline takes pride in giving 70% of the art sales back to the member artist. When artwork is sold, 70% goes to the artist, and 30% goes to the gallery and is used for gallery maintenance, improvements, and other costs.


Member artists price their own work. Most of the art sold at Timberline falls within the $100 to $1200 price range. However, Timberline does sell art costing considerably more and significantly less. Exhibiting artists are responsible for insuring their own art or assuming the liability.


When art is sold, it is taken off the wall and the customer leaves with it. The Gallery then replaces that artwork with a new piece. Many of us have had the experience of selling multiple times in a month off a single nail. And that’s pretty fun.




For more information please contact Carolyn Hartling at:

40982 Hwy. 41 • Oakhurst, California 93644 • 559/683-3345 • Monday-Sunday 10am-4pm Closed Major Holidays