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Member's Time Responsibilities




Timberline is a cooperative and as such, members should live locally and able to commit to fully participating in events, openings, and meetings, as well as being available for hands-on  participation when needed.  Every member must work at least one sitting day at the gallery per month plus additional “cooperative hours” per year for chores such as painting, cleaning, carpentry, computer work, or other duties. Members must also attend an annual general membership meeting.  The Timberline Board of Directors meets once a month, and all members are encouraged and welcome to attend.


Scheduling is done on monthly basis, so artists’ shifts may fluctuate between 1 and 2 per month depending on the number of members with the gallery. Members are required to sit the Gallery at least once a month.


Timberline is open 7 day a week, 10a-5p summer hours, 10a-4p winter hours. Closed major holidays and snow days.


The gallery will try to meet special sitting arrangements or requests on an as- needed basis.


New members are required to work with the treasurer and one other board member, to learn our operation procedures.


Regular staffing shifts start the following month. All members may be required to work some weekend shifts in order to fulfill their staffing requirements.


Timberline has a cadre of management trained individuals who are available to sit, for a fee, if the member artist wishes to use this service.


For more information please contact Carolyn Hartling at:

Member's Financial Responsibilities

Application Procedure

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